Living the new life in Shillong

The main reason why I chose Meghalaya over Assam is because I wanted to be far away from the place full of heartbreaking memories but also didn’t quite want to be far away. Because those moments were beautifully tragic for me. 

I didn’t want to erase all of it but wanted to move on. How can you go back to the place that broke your heart. 

I wanted a new start and new beginning. Away from my past. A new place where nobody knows me and I am a whole new person. 

I moved to Shillong on 14 June. It wasn’t easy leaving my parents after I have lived 18 years under their wing. Independence, I didn’t experience much while living in Assam but now I am striving to live alone in this whole new city. 

I am strewing a beautiful new memory and I am loving every second of it. 

Of Course, there was language problem and the accent problem but it’s all worth it. It’s fun. Exploring new places and bonding with new people. There’s a sense of anxiety but a sense of fun too. 

And I am here to tell you my story.


14 June.
I moved to a new city and moved to a Paying Guest house. And made 2 new friends from the same place I am from: Guwahati. They are my new roommates. We immediately bonded over our language and same nerd-ness level. The scenery from the terrace was breathtaking. The clouds enveloped the mountains. It was summer but felt like winter. Blanket was a must! Missed home though! My parents and my rabbit were constantly on my mind. Missed my sweet little crazy friends. Cried a little. 

15 June 

Attended the orientation program of my new college “Lady Keane College”. The Principal acknowledged some rules and regulations to us and wished us good luck. Various HOD’s explained to us the new semester system. It was fun attending it with friends of my same old school and with new friends. We went around the college, explored places like CANTEEN (which is a new thing for me) and Library, full of non-fiction books, I cried! Also, living with roommates far away from parents and laughing endlessly on stupid things was quickly becoming my favourite memory.

We took a selfie in a library full of CCTV. Rebellious!

16 June
Classes commenced. The new semester system sounded hard and nightmare-ish. Holy crap, there are so many professors for one subject? Okay. The classes felt nostalgic and I never felt that I was in a new ambience. The professors were more like teachers teaching us, not lecturing. The most beautiful thing about colleges is BREAK in which I sit with my old and new friends and basically goof around. Plus, no ragging! That’s a huge relief. 

Wind in our hair.
Days went by. Attended college and sometimes bunked. Living with roommates and sharing everything. The PG sucked. A new experience! 

Cut to 24 June.

Went home. Parents came to pick me up from college to a short holiday to Guwahati. I was never so happy to see my parents. I couldn’t stop blabbering about my experiences to them! I reached home around 6 pm and quickly hugged my rabbit. I missed him. Although it was so hot in Guwahati, I couldn’t breathe. But it was nice to sleep in your own bed. 

25 June
Basically, spent the whole day sleeping and shopping for necessary needs. Roamed around Guwahati after so many days. Ate Mom’s food. It was heaven on earth. 

26 June 
Returned to Shillong. 

Days flew by while attending classes and practicals. 

30 June 

Chemistry practicals are fun with friends and selfies. 

2 July

It was a doomsday for me. My friends would know that! I was down and depressed. Thankfully, dad came here to occupy my mind. Me and my other two roommates decided to shift to a new PG. The whole day was spent shifting to the new PG which is near to Police Bazar. It is heaven for us. Dad returned to Guwahati. 

3 July 

New day. It was little tiring walking uphill to the college. But seeing the hustle bustle of Police Bazar on the way keeps your mind off the pain your legs are feeling. We took a lot of Polaroids. 

Fun with Polaroids

9 July

It’s really cool living with friends. And aaloo paratha in breakfast was heaven! I am blogging this today. 

And now we’re living the new life. Shopping for essential needs like mop, doormat, food. We are making memories in this new life. It’s so much fun living with friends. 

  • It is fun finding an awesome restaurant like “bade miyaan” and eating biryani calling it “sexy”. 
  • It is fun panting while climbing to college. 
  • It is fun to roam around Police Bazar and laugh all the time. 
  • It is fun eating at canteen with new and old friends.
  • It is fun sitting near the college cafeteria, take selfies and basically laugh at stupidest things. 

It is so much fun when you’re with friends. All my life, I was betrayed and healed. I lost many friends and I thought h that I was the one who failed to keep a friend. But coming here, I realised the problem wasn’t in me. It was in you all. I overcame my guilt and depression. I came here just to be far away from you, to keep you off my mind. And it worked. I am happy and enjoying this new life with my SMM friends – Aaisha, Philason and new friends- Neelakshi, Murchana, Lamiya, Bhanu Priya and so many more. 

Thank you. ❤️


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