Have a Art Day. 🎨

Because I am highly uninspired today. And I am having no energy to write something. 

So I am gonna share some of my sketches which are basically, mostly anime. I am an anime artist to be exact. I cannot draw “human”. Or any living being! Because I didn’t go to any art school and I don’t possess any talent. I am a synthetic artist. I practised and practised hard to be what I am now.

So, have a good day! 

Viktor and Yuri from Yuri on Ice. If you haven’t watched this anime, you are missing a huge thing from your life.
Something straight outta fashion runway!
Anime version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast!
Elsa and Anna.
Water colour ain’t really my thing.
Kaori Miyazono from Your lie in April. This anime is like TFIOS. You will be torn into shreds.
Straight outta Your lie in April Manga
Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset. ❤️ That’s dramatic “me” moving on.
A sad school girl. (Yep. Based on me)
I drew myself. Ofcourse, I had to hide the face because I ain’t good at human stuff remember?
Viktor and his good doggo. (Digital art is such a fun thing to do)
Naruto and Hinata. I grew up with them and they are finally married and happy with two children! 😭
Your lie in April Manga.
Note: All these art belongs to me. You can save these in your mobile but do not repost it somewhere without permission. If you wanna repost it, do mention my name. That’s the Artist Protocol. 😊


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