Almost everything is wrong with our education system. There are different types of methods and techniques practised in schools and colleges all over the world. But there is one specific thing that ruins the whole system of education : the people in it. 

What has our world become? 

The Darwinian evolution theory, “Survival of the fittest” was adapted  way too deep in the education system. The best were allowed to live. And the average striving to be the best were practically invisible. It was always the best who survived. The theory of Darwin was taken by heart and society bats an eye when people choose the tragic path of suicide. The best will always survive. 

You know, there is a fine line between humiliation and motivation. Most fail to understand. You don’t motivate people by saying, “What are you going to do in your life? Wash clothes or dishes in other people house? You are nothing.” Is that what motivation is? Are you well aware of the meaning of it? Have you opened a dictionary in your whole utter meaningless life? 

Over the years, the education system evolved. And it turned into a nightmare of most people. It is so flawed and disturbing that we cannot even get out of our bed. Everything is so competitive. It feels like the one with bad choices and bad luck are not even allowed to live. The toppers who achieved 94% are crying out of disappointment because people expect a lot from them. The pressure, expectations from family, school breaks them into the point that they will not be satisfied even if they get 100%. Where did we go wrong? 

It’s true that we don’t realise what we have until we lose something. The people in school will treat you like shit. Because you’re nothing. Because they are simply better than you. The quiet kid in the back can be suffering from anxiety and you don’t force that kid to open up. It will simply make that kid more scared. You don’t have to do anything. Just stand by that kid and that kid will heal themselves. 

The truth is people will not care for you until you take drastic measures. When you kill yourself, everyone will cry for you and decorate a memorial for you. Everyone will remember the good memories of you but no one will think of how they were the reasons that drove her to kill herself. Everyone is so nice until they drive you to kill yourself. 

Let me make you understand one thing. 

When I raise my hand, that means I know the answer. When I don’t raise my hand, that means I don’t know the answer. It’s simple as that. When I raise my hand, you won’t pick me. But you will pick me up when I am not raising my hand because you love humiliation more than teaching us. 
Nobody will take this problems seriously and I will be told that everything happens for a reason. That everything school does is necessary for our life. 

NO! There are two types of pain. One that is necessary and will help you to grow. And the other is unnecessary like the weed growing in the field. It will cause you pain and pain and you’ll get nothing out of it. 

Our academic grades were always important that our mental health. The sounds of the cruel words will always haunt us. Nobody cared if we were broken. Nobody cares of your are a good person. You will always be judged according to your percentage. 

Look at our world. Look at your school for instance. 

  • Toppers cry out of disappointment. 
  • Failures aren’t even supposed to live.
  • Average people are trying their hardest to find colleges and universities that will take them. 
  • Our mental health is a joke to them. 
  • People with social anxiety are classified as shy and is forced to humiliation. 

Everyone is different. Not all are the best. Everyone of us have a talent that aren’t exposed to the world because your grades and percentage and a good job matters. 

The day our education system and people in it changes, will be the day when people will come out of their shame and disappointment and will be proud of who they are. 

I hope I live long enough to see that happening. ❤️