When you’re stressed and you’re about to have a panic attack, people say, “Chill. It’s all in your head.” 

To them, I would like to say that THAT IS EXACTLY WHY IT’S CALLED “MENTAL ILLNESS” because it’s all in your head.

I am tired of people using depression as some cool word. “Omg. I am so depressed. My dad won’t let me go out to the party.” 

I am tired of people saying, “We are mentally sick” while being goofy and being a dork. 

That is not what mental illness is about. People like you who use these sensitive subjects like it’s some free chocolates you get when’s it’s someone’s birthday, is why society doesn’t take people who really are suffering from mental illness seriously. 

And you have to stop. 

We need help. And calling suicidal people “losers” or “selfish” won’t exactly help us. We are so deep in this mess that we can’t hear you. All we do is gently put out our hand from the grave hoping someone to raise us from perdition. But people are scared. All they see is a dirty hand reaching out from a grave like first few minutes of a horror movie. 

I have always noticed that when people meet with an accident, everyone will come to you with flowers and fruits and well wishes. But when people who attempts suicide, nobody will come. They will call the suicidal person “losers” and “cowards”. We aren’t losers. We are just someone who tried so hard and yet failed. We are someone who have been brave for far too long. We are someone who met with not physical but mental accident. It’s just like getting hit by a car. You don’t have any slightest idea. It’s all blur and deafening. You don’t hear people shouting “Get away from there”. You are alone in this mess. 

Depression isn’t pretty or tragically beautiful. It isn’t listening to sad music while lying on the floor. 

It’s crying so hard that you can’t breathe. It’s a mess.

 It’s vomiting because you have cried so hard. 

 It isn’t some sitting on the corner with a single tear. It’s crying until your eyes are red and puffed up and crumpling the sheets of your bed like you’re holding onto something. Fluids leak from your noses and mouths. Your pillows and bed sheets are soaked from your tears and mucus. It isn’t pretty. It is a fucking mess. 

I say it again, stop romanticising mental illness. Stop glorifying it. Come out from your narcissism and try to help those in need. 

The society needs to stop treating mentally sick people as losers. We don’t need your pity, we need help. 

Let’s make this world a little better place to live in. ā¤ļø