Grey. ❤️

I went from good to bad. 

I went from normal to obsessive.

I went from dead excited about farewell to skipping it. 

I went from hating self-harm to getting addicted to it. 

I went from drawing margins in copies to writing with no margins.

I went from over-achiever to getting pass grades. 

I went from hating lipsticks to loving it.

I went from timid to bold and confident. 

I went from hating myself to loving everything about me. 

Because I learnt,

Never apologise for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself every night because that’s how galaxies are made. 

Everything about me is not completely black or white. I am grey. And I don’t hate it. I am not entirely happy with myself but who is? We all are striving to make ourselves a better person. We all are. It’s this process of bringing out the best of us is what we call, “changing ourselves”. And I am happy. ❤️

Sometimes, my heart aches at how my life turned out. In a good way. It doesn’t mean there haven’t been hardships. There have been. But I am here. And here is good. 🌹

I’m happy just the way I am. And I know sometimes you feel like you can’t fight and I know sometimes you feel like you just can’t love yourself. When that happens, I want you to remember that you’re enough, you’re enough as you are. And I’ll try to remember that I am enough as I am. ❤️

Keep fighting


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  1. This is a beautiful piece.

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