The show, Supernatural, is way more than just scary stuff. 

It’s about life, redemption, death, family. 

It’s about two brothers and a fallen angel choosing each other no matter what the consequences. 

Supernatural isn’t just a TV show for me. It’s my lifestyle. It taught me things about life and also how to kill everything. I remember watching the show and thinking I will be scared to death but I learnt many valuable things. That family is all we have and will never leave your back. 

Let me introduce you to –



Dean Winchester, the righteous man, the one who went to hell for his brother. He is my superhero with no special powers. He taught me that no matter what, sometimes you have to do things that are good for you even if it hurts the one you love. He showed me what love is. He taught me- 

 Family don’t end in blood. But it doesn’t start there either. Family cares about you. Not what you can do for them. Family’s there for the good, bad, all of it. They got your back even when it hurts. That’s family.

Dean went to hell for his little brother. Dean left his normal life for his brother. No matter what, he will always love his little brother, Sammy. 

Dean was always selfless and he never thought anyone could ever love him or care for him until an angel who touched his soul in hell and raised him from perdition. He didn’t understand love until an angel chose him over heaven. Again and again. He found love in his brother and an angel. 

Dean is the most beautiful character to ever exist. He can be an asshole but is loyal to his family and friends. He rocks out to Taylor Swift, enjoys cliché shows, loves his car to death. He is depressive, sucidal and yet will never hesitate to give his life for Sam and Castiel. He has every reason to be bitter to the world and yet he is the most gentlest person. I love him so much. 


The boy with the demon blood, came a long way from there. He is the most terrifying yet sweetest character to exist. Sure, he went soul-less or became a demon, but he is still this little brother who believes in fairies and unicorns and loves to read books. He is the biggest geek. Sad, that he had to leave Stanford. He never had a true home. He lost his parents when he was months old. But he found home with Dean. 

We cannot ever ignore the fact that Sam loves his older brother. He looked up at his older brother. He wanted to be like his brother. Dean was his superhero. 

Take these. And one day, when you find your way back…Let these be your guide. And they can help you remember what it was to be good…what it was to love.

He trusted Dean with what he has. He looks up at him. He loves his older brother. 

Sam taught me that no matter what, have a little hope in this world. “Always keep fighting” He will always keep fighting for the world and his family and he wants the same for us. 
CASTIEL (Winchester) 

No matter how many characters go by, this angel will always be my favourite character. 

He was introduced in season 4 but yet it feels like he was there since the start. Always watching over humanity. 

Castiel is the angel, who like all the angels, considered “falling” was a sin. Yet, the moment he laid a hand on Dean in hell, he was lost. He fell in ways unimaginable. He rebelled, he hunted for the Winchesters. For the first time in billion years, he felt doubt. He learnt that heaven was nothing but a chaos. God wasn’t there anymore and it was angels who played God and ruled over other Angels. 

He found home with Dean and Sam. He fell for them. Cas lived for billions of years, he saw victory and defeat and reaped vast awards but none of them meant as much as forming relationships on earth. Sam and Dean are his family. 

Listen to me. Knowing you was the best part of my life. The things we’ve shared together, they have changed me. You’re my family. I love you. I love all of you. 

Castiel, the Angel who fell in love with humanity. The Angel who fell in love with Dean. He will do anything for Dean. No matter his life and the cost, he would fight for his family. And Castiel’s family isn’t heaven anymore. Home is where your heart is. And Cas’s heart is with the Winchesters. 
The most beautiful thing Supernatural taught us that family isn’t always where you’re born in, family is where your heart is. 💕

I will forever be in love with this show. It’s more than a show. It’s my life. 

The man who hated flying grew to love an angel.

The man who hated hunting grew to love his job with his brother.

The Angel who hated falling, fell for a man in ways unimaginable.


Angels are watching over you.

~ A Brahma 


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  1. Sneh says:

    I love the part where there is a Winchester in parentheses next to Castiel’s name XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah! Castiel, Angel of the Lord, belongs with Winchesters not heaven anymore! ❤️


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