Thinking Out Loud. 

Note: The title of this post is, “Thinking Out Loud”. It is the song of Ed Sheeran. And it means a lot to me.

I scribbled down some lines today. I arranged them and here I present you (still not sure what that is) – 

I don’t remember how 

I fell in love with you,

But I remember holding your hands 

And thinking how much it 

Was going to hurt when I have to let you go. 

I remember waking up to see

The sunrise together. 

Danced to “Thinking Out Loud”. 

And for the first time, 

I felt like home 

with you. 

But now I have lost my home. 

And I have become just a 

Wayward nomad,

searching for homes in 

Temporary people. 

And I know they are going

to leave me. 

And I know I am going to leave them too. 

But I am going to find many houses, 

But my home was you. 

And will always be you. 

Now I know your happiness 

resides in yourself 

And that I can never make you happy. 

That you are incapable of loving.

That you stay with who’s worth it. 

And I was never the worth. 

Ten years, I was nothing. 

As a best friend, or as a lover. 

I was nothing. 


The bleeding has stopped,

But the scars remained. 

You have gone,

But the memories will stay. 💕


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