Passion and Hobbies ❤️

Today, I would like to share my passion with you all. 

My passion: Sketching ❤️

Dress designs

Sometimes, I like to draw. 

I draw stuff like anime, dress designs or something not life like. I cannot drawn human beings because I didn’t continue art school. Damn. 

Drawing makes me calm. When I am agitated or depressed, doodling makes me feel relieved. 

Drew this for Daddy.
Sketching and doodling has always been fun to me. I never was the professional. I never got any prizes or appreciations. I do “art” because I love it. 

The same way, I sing for fun. Never have I ever stood in stage or something. But I am a professional  karaoke home singer. ❤️  

I have a whole file of my art stashed in the cupboard. Wish I could show all of that to all of you but someday! Promise! 😋


Peace out, people! ❤️


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