Basically,  we had this on-off friendship but yet you chose me as your most special friend. That kinda melts my heart. A lot. 🙌

I still don’t get it why you wrote this in my notebook. 😅 

But I laugh all the time. Our friendship was unique and still is. 😉

At last, remember our Vow? I sure do. We pledged that we will never ever fight again and break apart. Although, we did fight but we never fell apart. And after the dark years,I learnt that we don’t need a mere Vow to keep us together. Our love made it possible. We only need love not words in pages. ♥ 

And I love you. 😘

Dedicated to my fellow blogger, aka my best friend aka my life i.e Krishnakshi Bhuyan. ( 
-Ankita Brahma.