“And when we kissed, I realised that it was possible to be homesick for people as well places and God, it felt good to be finally home.” 

All I ever want to do is to dedicate my each and every word to you. You gave a meaning to my life. And honey, It was my privilege to love you as my best friend before and now to love you as my lover. Isn’t it beautiful when your best friend and your lover are the same person? 😍

Now, of course I know you love me and I love you too. But I want you to know what you’re falling in love with. 

You are falling in love with my insecurities, my obsession with trying to figure out what everyone thinks of me. You are falling in love with my immaturity, my constant need to feel loved and appreciated, my over active tear ducts, my internet obsession, my tendency to be clingy. You fall in love with my troubled past, my hopes and dreams, and how I’m hopeless romantic at heart. If you fall in love with me,  you fall in love with my self-hate and all my imperfections and my perception that nobody could ever love me. 

But, you are also falling in love with the way my eyes will smile when I’m with you, the way I’ll text you just telling you I hope you have a great day. You’re falling in love with the occasionally humorous and thought provoking things I say,  and the way I blush when you say cute things. But to me, the most important thing will be that you are falling in love with me, despite my thinking that it is impossible. 

How lucky I feel that I was proved wrong. I know now that there is someone in this world who loves me for who I am. 

Thank you for forever being with me. Thank you for always sticking with me till the end and the end hasn’t yet come. And truly, thank you for everything. 
I just love you, to death. 😘
-Ankita Brahma.