Re-start, not give up! 

Sometimes, life will knock you down. And it is upto you if you wanna get back up. You have to choose. Situations arise and sometimes you feel like you wanna go to some place quiet and shout your heart out. That is a nice idea but it isn’t always possible. So, I want all my heartbroken or to mildy put, “sad” readers to remember this –
You were born with a flame in you heart but you must tend it carefully for the words of others may squash it, like dousing fire with water. The flame within you is important because recall that one candle can light so many others before it too falls quiet into shadow and death.

Never forget that. 
Bad things happen. That is inevitable. But sometimes you gotta forget about people who forgot about you. You cannot hold things that don’t want to be held. But you do have to try. But when you know that you’ve given enough and the other side lets you keep on hanging. You have to move on. You have to start living your own life. Life is beautiful and not living it enough will become a regret. And you’ll forever regret the fact that you indulged in stupid things that made you forget how to live life. 

It’s such a rare and incredible thing, to be alive. To laugh so hard your body forgets how to breath and scream because you can and change in every way without ever trying. To kiss and cry and eat dessert and stare at the ceiling and wonder if you’re happy enough.

Think yes (flowers that grow without being planted and old dogs and children who reach out to touch the sky because they don’t know the limits of the world just yet)

Think no (big storms that erase small costal villages and the boy with sad eyes who broke you so bad you don’t recognize your own reflection and stolen wallets in misfit hands)

Close your eyes and think what you think and don’t ever stop.

Because here’s the truth as I know it: to be alive is to be everything all at once. The yes and the no. This, but also that. Something so far beyond what we can see and touch and understand.

How rare. How incredible.

When you’re far too deep in this mess and you attach yourself to the pain, you blind yourself. You are unable to see the light of the people who love you. There are people who will never love you the way some people do. Almost everyone changes with time, no matter how much they’ve meant to you. I understand that you are so afraid of disappointing the people you love that you often forget that you are someone you love too. And you need kindness as much as the people you love do. I don’t want you to give up on someone you love, don’t get confused. I want you to try, try harder. But sometimes you have to think for yourself. Think about yourself for once. Stop putting people before you, even if it’s me. Let yourself rest you can’t keep running ragged all the god damn time. I know you want to protect everyone but you cant. We love you for it, but you cant. The pain you’re feeling is going to end I swear it will. I know it feels eternal right now. If its all you can do to hang on then fucking hang on because you’re strong enough to beat this. 

“Tie your life to a goal, not to people or things.”

Albert Einstein

I know most of you won’t even consider my way of thinking but also I don’t want you to. I want you to understand what I mean and incorporate my idea with your own. I want you to heal, that’s all. 

“There will be many turns in this life of ours. 

Sometimes you’ll make a left turn too soon, 

you’re lost inside a thick maze of feelings you can’t explain. 

Sometimes you’ll make a right turn too late

 into more overthinking than you’re used to.

They tell us to seize the moment, they tell us to live our lives– 

but they never tell us what to do when the refreshments run dry 

and our veins bleed ink

 into more short stories designed for more short of breath.

One day you’ll make the right turn, 

one day you’ll make a mistake

that’s difficult to come back from– but we must make these turns

because in this lonely car ride called life, there’s really no 

such thing as a u-turn.”

Carry on, my people. Never give up but try to restart again. 


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