🔙 after being MIA 

Writer’s note: Due to circumstances and complications, life became stagnant and couldn’t continue to channel my thoughts and feelings into words. And it’s good to be back after being MIA. 

Here’s a short story I have been working on. Haven’t got the faintest how to complete the story but I would like if you would read and form some ideas and suggest me some. 

The Vow

It was a chilly winter night, the happy couple were returning home from their little trip to a coffee house. The car drove past the whistling, cold wind. Headlights guided them through the dark road. It was almost midnight and people were returning. The road was empty, silent. The thumping sound was the wind hitting the windshield. The girl loved everything about the car and the cold wind kissing and caressing her hair. She put her hand outwards and tried to catch the wind like a little baby trying to catch a puff of smoke. She felt a chill run down her spine and retrieved her hand inside. The ring that was shining under the moonlight, now, went on being under the shadows. 
“I felt a chill and also I’m getting bad vibes. That is wee bit not good.” She turned to her husband and threw the most concerned look. He scoffed and replied, “Yeah uh – Yeah no, that sounds awful.” 

“She’s still beautiful. Remember when you promised to get a Volkswagen and you ended up with this Chevy?” Amy nostalgically asked her husband.

“Yes. She’s marvellous. I’m sure she will be badass even if she’s 40.” He grinned hard at his wife’s comment on the car. She did not have fondness for cars as much as her husband did. Wesley, her husband, knew every part of his Chevrolet Cruze sedan. He wasn’t exactly a mechanic but his love for cars made him one. If his “sweetheart” was hurt, he would be the one to fix her. Always!

Wesley turned on the radio. To his surprise, a wave of heavy metal hit him on full volume causing Amy to cover her ears.

“Would you turn that off, please?” Amy shouted at him as if she were speaking while strong wind blew. Wesley immediately turned it off and the music was gone.

“And why was it on full volume?” She continued to nudge him on this topic. 

Wesley rolled his eyes.

“Sometimes, I like to drive with full-on music and jam hard.” Wesley said with child-like excitement. He was, indeed, a big metal fan. Amy didn’t quite like his habit. She was concerned with his well-being.

“Metallica with full volume is certainly not good for ears but also, it isn’t quite safe on road.” She said, with her Scottish accent raging. Amy was born and brought up in Scotland. She moved to America to complete her degree. It was Illinois that brought her the world’s greatest happiness. While working across states, Amy met Wesley in a small town café of Pontiac, Illinois. It has been years, since they met. Their left hands had rings that showcased their love since years and their smiles showed that they were content and happy. 

They passed the Black Water Ridge and now they were on Colorado NM 6. They were getting home, soon. 

“You could get distracted and the car could go off the road. I want you to be safe.” 

“C’mon, don’t jinx it.” 

“Jinx? What if you get crashed? What if you die?” They started to bicker. It was quite common in marriages. 

Amy continued, “I hope I could get a wee bit of sense in you.” Wesley turned his head towards her. He nodded at her and said, “Okay. I promise you.” 

Amy caught her husband’s left hand that was resting on the steering wheel. She smiled and uttered, “I love you.” The sudden words of love took him aback. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. The twinkling sparkles in her eyes, and the way her smile was just contagious. He smiled and didn’t notice a crossroad was onto them until a bright light approached through the window behind Amy. The last thing he saw was Amy’s smile and the last thing he heard was Amy’s voice following a deafening sound.

The truck hit the Chevy, causing the windows to break. The car spiralled out of control, and it went off the road. The wind shield was shattered as the car hit a large tree. It was silent and there wasn’t a soul to help them. Minutes passed, Wesley regained consciousness and the first unadulterated thought was to see Amy. 

“Amy!”  His eyes were burning. He couldn’t move to find Amy. A large branch of tree he had just hit had conveniently fallen where he was sitting, shattering the rest of what was left of the wind shield. He opened his eyes and looked around. After the car was hit by a truck, it crushed directly on the tree, and apparently swayed sideways, making escape through the doors impossible. 

“Amy! Amy!” He found her unconscious. “Jesus Christ, Amy!” Wesley said, smacking her on the cheeks. No response. He touched her neck, feeling for a pulse. There was one, and it wasn’t exactly steady. He felt a wave of nausea race through him, and tried to control the bile going up his throat. His brain was mush, and he couldn’t think straight. He coughed up blood. 

He saw the windows shattered. Amy was lying on the shotgun with a piece of metal next to her. The metal was covered in blood and so was Amy’s face. Her skin was deathly pale. He wasn’t sure what to do. He tried getting out of the car but it was impossible

‘Call 911, idiot.’ , a little voice inside his head told him. He quickly searched for his phone, finding it crushed into his pocket.  Frustrated, he threw the pieces away. He grabbed his wife’s cold, pale hands and rested his head on what was left of the seat of the car. He accepted his faith. He was losing consciousness and everything around him started getting blurry. 

Suddenly, he heard voices. Outside. Wesley again tried to remain awake. He fought for his life. The voices got nearer and sirens started beeping. Wesley covered his ears. Soon, he saw the door next to him getting broken, and people pulling it out so that they could pull Wesley. 

And then, light!

The door was out and Wesley couldn’t have been happier. The people pulled him out. 

“I’m okay… I’m okay… Get Amy.” He mumbled at the questions asked to him. He pleaded them to get Amy out. After a while, he lost consciousness and all he could hear was a faint, beeping noise. 


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