9 years and more.

​Me: Of course we’ll help each other. What else are best friends for?

Best friend: Besides mass murder, I don’t know.

Well, that’s what best friends are. 

They’ll forever stand by you and will fight the world for you. And also they will kick you in the ass if you ever forget them. 

We all have someone special who have always been with us since the beginning. It all starts with a simple “smile”. 

And I’ve found myself a best friend too. 

 She’s my favorite person on this planet, because I know I can be honest with her about everything. It’s so amazing to have a friendship like I have with because we just click about everything. I love her, and all her little quirks, and I like that I can laugh like an idiot with her, and I’m glad we share the same love for almost everything. I just thought this world should know how much it means to have a true best friend. 

I’m glad that she chose this school to transfer into. I’m glad that we came to know each other. With years passing and memory fading, I do remember some of our little moments. Those moments are still precious to me as these never fails to make me smile a bit. Those little moments of balancing the bottles on our head, the little moments of birthday detour, the little moments of sharing secrets. And how I think someday, I’m gonna miss everything that I had. I wish the times never went away. I wish we were just little. But time flies away and we can’t grasp it. Yet, I’m perfectly happy at how we are now. And in no way, I’m ever gonna leave her.

Although, I’m happy that I’ve met her and share this strong bond with her. The world began for me the moment I said, “Hello” to her. I’m glad that she chose me and I chose her and in no way my love for her is ever gonna decrease. 

To you, Krish.

I’m so grateful for the day I noticed you, my life became brighter that day. Since then a lot of things happened, great and bad, but as the time passes I’m just even more sure that I’ll support you until the very end, no matter what. You made me feel that way, by just being YOU . Only people with your kind of character and with strong personality achieve what you achieved: to be loved and admired by everyone. You achieved your main goal, my dear friend, and I’m so proud of you. It feels like I know you in person because I feel for you those things I feel for my closest ones. I wish you to be healthy so you don’t have to experience the discomfort you felt during your “operation times” ever again. I wish you the strength to overcome everything that could possibly get in your way, but I’m sure you’ll be fine: you proved more than once what a fighter you are.

And I just can’t say anymore without tearing. Because you mean everything to me. I’ve looked up at you since years and I feel so grateful that you’re the one who saw me in the darkest and yet you chose to be with me. 

I love you. 

With Love, 

Ankita Brahma. ♥


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  1. I’m so glad you found someone like her. She sounds as beautiful as your words. This post made me smile. Nostalgia kicking in. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my God. So sweet of you. Thank you! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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