The Feelings 

​feeling /ˈfiːlɪŋ/

1. an emotional state or reaction.

2. an idea or belief, especially a vague or irrational one.

3. the capacity to experience the sense of touch.

4. a sensitivity to or intuitive understanding of.

Feelings are complicated and always have been. There’s good feelings, bad feelings. 

The bad feelings are the worst. It tears you down and surprisingly you feel so welcomed by the arms of the floors. The worst feeling is that you experienced the worst feelings in your life. 

As human beings, all we do is think about the feelings we hide. With the perfect façade of ours, we are able to deceive people. We do not realise what we have until we lose it. And trust me, the moment you realise that you’ve lost yourself is probably the worst feeling. We think Pain is the worst feeling but it isn’t. Let me point out the worst feelings that you can ever experience in your life. 

  • The worst feeling ever is sitting in a room filled with friends 

    and family and feeling alone. The feeling of not belonging, 

    being wanted or not fitting in. It’s just you and your loneliness.

  • The worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could, and it still wasn’t good enough.
  • The worst feeling is when you fail a test you studied really hard for. 
  • The worst feeling is when you are replaced in friendship. It is when you realised you don’t mean to them as much as they do to you.
  • The worst feeling is when you’re looking forward to something and it gets cancelled. 
  • The worst feeling is when you want to scream and cry but you have to fight back the tears infront of people.
  • The worst feeling is when you show someone a thing you’re proud of but you get a disinterested reply.
  • The worst feeling is when you have to say “goodbyes”.

    The very worst thing I can think of is knowing that you did best but still it wasn’t good enough. The world isn’t starving at the lack of the overwhelming feelings within us. It’s brimming with it. People work hard and in no way that they don’t. We fall, yet we get up. Most think that we don’t try enough to achieve but in reality we’re tired. We’re tired of giving our best shot and still failing in every aspect of our life. At that point, we give up and fall down. But as what human beings do, we never give up. At the end, we have to get back up and fight. We try again. That’s life.

    Coming to good feelings, it is equally balanced with the bad ones. It’s like light and darkness coming together. As one said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can.”

    Euphoria, happy feelings cancel out the worst feelings we experience. It is the best thing that can happen to you. You feel you’re on top of the world. The world suddenly becomes the best place to live in.

     Let me list some of the best feelings in the world. 

    • The best feeling is when you know you are loved and a very special person to someone.
    • The best feeling is when you know you have great friends. It’s like have precious gems but only priceless.
    • The best feeling is when you laugh until you cry. The people who can do that is the best kind for you.
    • The best feeling is when you finish something you started and proudly look at it. 
    • The best feeling is when your parents are proud of. The tinkle in their eyes is something that’ll always be special.
    • The best feeling is when you achieve something you desired.
    • The best feeling is when you know you’ll be okay till the end.

    Let me just throw in a personal note.

    They say, you have to be proud of yourself first, then people will be too. Well, let me tell you.

    Sometimes I feel like my writing is some off the best stuff I have read…And not in like a conceited “everything I write is fantastic because I am awesome” kind of way. It’s more of a, “I write about what I would want to read about and I write it in a way I would enjoy reading” kind of way. I’ll admit, I’ve got quite a few stories that I absolutely can’t stand and I’m embarrassed I even wrote, but I genuinely enjoy reading some of my writing.

     When I can go back and read something I wrote multiple times and still enjoy it, that’s the best feeling in the world to me.

    It is.

    In the end, it is upto us whether we choose the light or the dark. The choice makes us who we are. We are just human beings and we strive to survive. And we can. Enjoy the different type of feelings and live the life you’ve wanted. Let’s go.

    ~Ankita Brahma ♥

    The girl who is tired of trying and giving best shot but at the end she’ll never give up. 


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