“There are many ways people define what loving someone is, but I will always believe that true love is staying even when they are gone. It’s the most hurtful thing in the world, and yet it has more beauty than the rest of the universe combined. It’s uniquely human and uniquely inhuman. 

And I guess in a world as cruel as ours; true love is nothing short of a miracle.” 

I consider myself very lucky to have found someone I truly love. It is too early to coin it as “true love” but we’ve been loving each other since 9 years, albeit we realised only this year.

We’ve been through much together. At one point, I believed, we were broken. With nightmares and PTSD, i was suffering, I thought it was all over. But the universe conspired to get us back together. And how the world became more beautiful for me.

In this world, we can never truly achieve happiness. But we’re making it up as we go. It is just a wrong lifetime and wrong universe. 

                  You just found me

               In the wrong universe…

                          That’s all.

     This is, as they say, the darkest                                       timeline.

             By the law of averages,

         There had to be one universe

                    – Just this one –

      Where we don’t get happy ending.

                     Here and now

                  Just happens to be


But everything will be okay at the end. I believe. Because we deserve happiness. Everybody does. The society and world fails to give us. 

“I love you” The words come out of my mouth as naturally as the feeling has been built over the years.

There are no fireworks. The world doesn’t stop on it’s tracks. Sparks don’t fly.

It’s like the whole universe is long adapted to it’s truth; voicing it equals to wind hitting ocean water- there’s some disturbance, but the components don’t change. Thing don’t change much at all. The current will always be there, sometimes slow and calm, others wide and feral, but it’ll never waste away. Never.

“I loved you first.” She says earnestly.

The world does stop a little this time. 

I love you, hon.

~Ankita Brahma. ♥