Victorious in my own battles. 

I’m not much of a sharing-feelings type of people. In this cruel world, I’ve learnt how to protect myself and how to create a personality that will allow me to survive. 

With this cruel and capacious world, I lost many things on the way. I can never truly get it back. No matter how much I try, I can’t. Life isn’t ideal and it isn’t a fairytale.

I lost many important aspects of my life. But on the way, I found many. The love quotes that were too un-realistic and too fairytale-ish weren’t all false. They were true, all along.
“Love is like a lost object.

If you search to hard, you wont find

it. But if you just forget about it

momentarily.It will show up in the

most unexpected way.”

Well, that is what happened to me. “Love” ruined me. Years ago, I tried to find it desperately and I couldn’t find the true love. And look at my luck, it’s been two years that I’ve been healing myself from my past experiences. I momentarily forgot about “love” and it turns out it was there all along. Right beside me and supporting me.

 Well, what are the odds of falling in love with your best friend? That will be for other day. 

This way, I have grown and fought battles hard. Surely, I lost some but I’ve won some too. And nothing makes me happier at my growth.

I’ve come to the conclusion that although I may not have the best grades or a big group of friends or the other simplistic things other teenagers have- I have more than that. I have accomplished great things in my life time. Sure, not your normal table talk accomplishments but I’ve been through hell and back and conquered all of my demons, I went from a girl who was so utterly depressed and hated herself to a girl who loves everything about herself and has gone from her own worst enemy to my own best friend.

I’m indestructible and don’t even try to tell me other wise.

~Ankita Brahma. ♥

~Thank you. 😇


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  1. Krishnakshi Bhuyan says:

    😘 Just as anticipated.

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  2. Sneh Adwani says:

    Sparkling! 😍

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