​I am going to start out this blog with an excerpt taken out of context from a novel I’m working on. 

Kairin knew this. She was familiar with it, has felt it before; Keith’s warmth, Keith’s scent, Keith’s embrace. Although none of their previous hugs were quite like this, that much Kairin has to admit. This was the first time that they were both holding on to the other like there’s no tomorrow. And come to think of it, maybe there wasn’t, but as Keith’s fingers are all but forming bruises on Kairin’s lower back from holding on too tight, Kairin didn’t care. Didn’t care what happened next, only cared about the here and now. Because she thought about this before; about home. About what home meant to her. Whether home is where she used to belong -up there in country-side -, or on in an old quaint apartment that used to be her room.

But this simple gesture of affection helped her to find the answer at last. Home isn’t a realm, or a building. Home is here, where Kairin’s heart belonged. Here where Keith holds her close, and takes all the time in the world to do so, just this once. Even though she isn’t an expert, Kairin was aware that the average hug doesn’t last this long. She knew that it was a big deal when Keith runs his fingers through Kairin’s hair. She knew that it was special when Keith wasn’t the first one to pull away, even though they’ve been standing there like this for nearly five minutes.

“Keith?” Kairin whispers after a while, her chin still resting on Keith’s shoulder, Keith’s breath hot against her ear. “Are you planning to let go anytime soon?” Kairin asked.

Keith’s arms tighten around Kairin in response. More minutes pass, and then Keith finally answers the question for real, murmuring a single word against Kairin’s neck, still not letting go.


And both knew. Both of them knew they were never going to let each other go.

Disclaimer: Please, do not copy or share. This is just for your enjoyment. 

Thank you for reading. 🙂